pH Balance

Are you trying to catch pH Balance? Don´t panic!! It is a complex subject. To fully understand it you must start from the beginning: What is pH? Why it is important? Then go slowly through each aspect until you fully integrate all. So let´s begin the journey….

Why is pH so important?

1- Why is pH so important?

Learn what is pH and what makes it so important in chemistry

2- Strong or weak acid?

Learn why an acid or a base is weak or strong

3- Effect of pH on enzymes

Learn how pH affects the different biological molecules

4- Why is our metabolism acid?

Learn why our metabolism is acid. It is important to understand why to integrate body acid-base balance

5- Characteristics of a buffer

What makes a good buffer? How do a know which buffer to choose?

6- Blood buffers

What are the body blood buffers? How do we use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation?

7- How to measure pH

Learn how and when to use a pHmeter and pH indicators to measure pH

8- Kidney bicarbonate reabsorption

Learn how do the kidney proximal tubules reasborb bicarbonate

9- Bicarbonate: new or reabsorption?

Learn the difference between the mechanism of bicarbonate reabsorption and new bicarbonate formation

10- Net acid excretion

Learn how to measure the capacity of the kidney to acidify urine. How do titrate a urinary buffer? Why ammonia is not a titratable acid?

11- Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diets are a hot topic but are they healthy? What has been really proven? Here I tell you what is an alkaline diet and what do they produce in the body. Also, what is the relation between an alkaline diet and some diseases like osteoporosis and cancer?

12- Acid base disorders

In this video I tell you what kinds of acid base disorders are there. What are plasma and urine anion gap and what is their use