All you need to know to understand pH Body Balance

Are you trying to catch the pH Balance? Don´t panic!! It is a complex subject. To fully understand it you must start from the beginning: What is pH? Why it is important? Then go slowly through each aspect until you fully integrate all. So let´s begin the journey….

Why is pH regulation important?

They always tell me about the importance of pH. Why? Here I tell you why pH is so important

Strong and weak acids

In this video, I tell you that it is a strong acid and a weak one. What is a strong or weak base? What does the pKa tell us about the reaction? It is strong or weak?

Effect of pH on enzymes

In this video, I tell you the reason why pH is important in biological systems. Why does enzyme activity change with pH? Is it the same in lipids? Carbohydrates? Nucleic Acids?

The acidic body metabolism

Help! My body is an acid fabric! In this video, I explain why, even though body pH is always around 7.4, body pH is always been challenged by an acidic metabolism.

How do buffers work?

Help! My stomach is burning!!! PLEASE GIVE SOME TUMS! Why do Tums work when our stomach is acidic? In this video, I explain: what are pH Buffers. When a pH Buffer is a good one? Which ph buffer to use? What does it mean when pH equals PKA?

Measuring pH in the lab

In this video, I tell you how to measure pH with a pH meter or pH strips

Blood Buffers

What are blood pH buffers? What is the equation for the buffer system of blood? The isohydric principle. What is the buffer base of the blood? How does the bicarbonate buffer work? How do oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin work?

Bicarbonate reabsorption

Learn Step by step how the kidney reabsorbs bicarbonate in the proximal tubule.

Alkaline diet

Alkaline diets are a hot topic but are they healthy? What has been proven? Here I tell you what is an alkaline diet and what it produces in the body. Also, what is the relation between an alkaline diet and some diseases like osteoporosis and cancer?

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