Renal Physiology

Renal Physiology is complex. But if you go step by step it is not so hard to understand….

1- Clearance

What are the body blood buffers? How do we use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation?

2- How to dilute urine

How does the nephron dilute urine?

3- The corticomedullary gradient

How is the corticomedullary gradient formed

4- Kidney bicarbonate reabsorption

Learn how do the kidney proximal tubules reabsorb bicarbonate

5- Net acid excretion

Learn how to measure the capacity of the kidney to acidify urine. How do titrate a urinary buffer? Why ammonia is not a titratable acid?

6- Acid base disorders

In this video I tell you what kinds of acid base disorders are there. What are plasma and urine anion gap and what is their use